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The Church of Christ Without Christ

Just a Way of Saying Something

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This journal is friends only; I'm really quite friendly so if you'd like to read just leave me a comment on one of the open journals and I'll add you. If you're here looking for my art you can head to thebarkingiron and skip my bitching about my existential crisis, room mates and my endless homework.

I once played Rorschach at the now inactive thecrimebusters as vialextalionis, and currently I'm playing Jackson Cochran (jacksoncochran) at damned_cabaret, as well as moderating that; if you're interested in it, PM me, or go ahead and make journal and apply for the group.
alice, anton chigurh, arcadia, art, bad cat cigarettes, beethoven's hair, bondage, bottom, brad dourif, brad dourif's jaw, breakfast on pluto, brick, brimstone, british comedy, british men, caffeine, candide, child of god, coffee, cormac mccarthy, cornish, cyberpunk, d/s, david bowie, deadwood, desolation jones, dorian gray, dr. strangelove, drawing, drop dead fred, edward scissorhands, england, estragon, existentialism, fargo, fear and loathing, filthy rich and catflap, flannery o'connor, four rooms, french, gary oldman, gay rights, george orwell, graffiti, guildenstern, hamlet, hazel motes, hellboy, horatio, hunter s. thompson, ireland, jacknife, jailbot, jared, javier bardem, jay munly, jean-paul sartre, john glover, john lydon, johnny rotten, jon stewart, journalism, kafka, kierkegaard, l.e.s. stitches, legend of 1900, lokeans, loki, mike mignola, munly, music, musicals, naked lunch, ncfom, neil gaiman, nietzche, noah segan, orange/white, oscar wilde, peacocks, peircings, philosophy, porn, post-modernism, pozzo, preacher, proinsias cassidy, prosex, public image limited, pulp fiction, reading, reservoir dogs, reverend horton heat, rik mayall, rocky horror picture show, rorschach, ros/guil, rosencrantz, rosencrantz/guildenstern, rufus wainright, scac, scott weiland, sex, shakespeare, shock treatment, slash, slim cessna's auto club, spider jerusalem, star lamps, steam punk, stone temple pilots, superjail, tank girl, tattoos, the dead kennedys, the dickies, the germs, the manic street preachers, the pixies, the sex pistols, the warden, the yellow submarine, the young ones, theatre, tim roth, tom stoppard, tom waits, transmetropolitan, vladimir, voltaire, vyvyan basterd, waiting for godot, walter kovacs, warren ellis, watchmen, watercolours, wise blood, worlds strongest cockroach, zombies